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Butcher’s Row, from a sketch by David Cox, 1814


Built in 1621, the Old House is a half timbered Jacobean house, the only one  remaining of an old street called Butcher's Row, which stands on High Town, the  commercial centre of Hereford. Opened as a museum in 1929, it is furnished as it  would have been in its early history. It is thought that it was originally built for a wealthy butcher or a retired drover - but no record of its original owner exists. A coat of arms, placed above the porch, signifies the Butcher’s Guild of London. This is considered curious as Hereford had its own Butcher’s Guild which occupied rooms in the nearby Market Hall.  If the property was the house of a banker-drover, then it was appropriate that at the end of the 19th century it became a branch of the Worcester City and Coventry Banking Company. This bank, subsumed later into Lloyd’s Bank Ltd., occupied the property until 1928, when it was generously donated to the City of Hereford.

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