Hereford City Heritage

The Mayor’s Chain

Recorders of the City of Hereford

June 1836

George Chilton

February 1837

Joseph Grace Smith

January 1847

Henry Horn

December 1857

Sergeant Gillory Piggott

December 1862

Francis Edward Guise

January 1893

Alfred Lyttleton

November 1894

 Sir Arthur Gwynne James

May 1935

Robert Francis Lynne

May 1955

Myer Alan Barry King-Hamilton, QC

January 1957

Robert Boyd Cochrane Parnell

September 1971

Gordon Slynn









The Courts Act 1971 caused the post of Recorder of the City to cease and the office of Honorary Recorder of the City was introduced with effect from 1st January 1972.

September 1971

Sir Gordon Slynn( afterwards The Right Homourable The Lord Slynn of Hadley

March 1981

Sir Richard H Curtis QC(afterwards The Honourable Sir Richard Curtis)

July 1994

Alex CXarlile QC,MP (afterwards Lord Carlile of Berriew QC)

March 2009

Hisa Honour Judge Toby J A Hooper QC