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Junior Mayors

In 2007 Hereford City Council inaugurated the appointment of a Junior Mayor of Hereford, with two objectives: to increase public awareness of the role of the Mayoralty and City Council, and to help educate young people about local government by increasing links between the Mayor of the day and the City’s schools. The September when the Mayor’s Secretary sends out nomination forms to Primary Schools within the City and surrounding areas.

Nominations are considered in October by a panel including the current Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and representatives of our sponsors, the Hereford Times and The Courtyard. The Junior Mayor’s whole class and some teachers are invited to attend and learn about the process. The date for the Junior Mayor Making Ceremony is provisionally set for November, subject to consultation with the school involved.

In January 2016 an offer of part funding (up to 1,000) was made to provide a board to record the names of Hereford’s Junior Mayors; This was considered by a committee of councillors who declined the offer on the basis that the Junior Mayor’s were not really elected. However the then Mayor’s of Hereford, though elected as councillors, only achieve their position of Mayor through seniority, followed by agreement of the council. It would seem that the election of Junior Mayors, by their schools, to the nomination stage, before consideration by  the panel described above, is not as valid as ‘seniority’ in council!!





2011-12 Rebecca Johns

2012-2013 Megan James


2014-2015 Martin Kovecxkis