Hereford City Heritage

The Mayor’s Chain

The Inner Relief Road

Work was started on this road on 9th March 1964. The total cost was 1.5 million, considerably more than the estimated 220,000. ollowing the line of the 13th century medieval wall, the road runs from Edgar Street, through Blueschool Street and Bath Street, to St Owen’s Street, where the remains in  St Owen’s Burial Ground had to be reinterred. The opening of the road was celebrated by a ‘motorcade’ of vuntage, veteran and ‘modern’ quality cars. Under a police escort, the procession was lead by a 1920 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, owned and driven by Alderman Southhall, carrying the Mayor, the Mayoress, Prudence Hicks and the MP David Gibson-Watt, who officially opened the road.