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Dillenburg is situated in the German state of Hessen. It straddles the River Dill from which it derives its name and lies between the scenic Westerwald and the Rothaar Mountain ranges. It is ideally located for touring other heavily wooded Nature Parks like the Vogelsberg and the Taunus.

 The history of the town goes back over 600 years. Some of today’s historic monuments testify to this distinguished history, such as the Wilhelmsturm (William’s Tower), a tribute to William of Orange, and the large underground defensive system, the Kasematten (casemates). Also the Landgestüt (stud farm), the historic Wilhelmstrasse and the many half-timbered houses.

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  Today Dillenburg is a lively, busy place of more than 20,000 inhabitants. The surrounding villages of Donsbach, Eibach, Frohnhausen, Manderbach, Nanzenbach, Niederscheld and Oberscheld have been incorporated into the municipality of Dillenburg. Together they offer the visitor a wide range of attractions and opportunities for sports activities like bowling, golf,riding, swimming and fishing.

View of the Wilhelmsturm

Excursions into the surrounding countryside offer many interesting insights into the region’s rich and varied history.


 The central courtyard of Weilburg, the 16th century palace near Dillenburg

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 In 1989 the Twinning Charters between Hereford and Dillenburg were signed, in May in the Town Hall in Hereford and in November in the Town Hall in Dillenburg. In January 1989 theDeutsch-Englische Gesellschaft(German-English Society) had been constituted in Dillenburg and subsequently became a close partner of the City of HerefordTwinning Association. Since then many exchanges have taken place over the years, between the two associations as well as between official civic delegations, schools in both towns, sports clubs, musical groups, etc.


 In May 2005 a group of more than 30 Dillenburgers visited Hereford in the company of Dillenburg’s Mayor, Herr Lotz, who thoroughly enjoyed his guided tour round the Black-and-White-Trail. At the invitation of the National Trust two of the visitors gave a much praised concert at Berrington Hall.  

By popular demand the Gilbert & Sullivan Society returned to Dillenburg in June 2005 to perform – to great applause – The Pirates of Penzance. Over the years a close link has developed between the Glück-auf Choir in Oberscheld and Hereford’s Gilbert & Sullivan Society, a link which has involved the Twinning Association on several occasions.

In June 2005 the Hospice Angels made a fundraising trip to Dillenburg in support of St Michael’s Hospice.


The Hospice Angels in Dillenburg with the Mayor, Bürgermeister Lotz 

In October 2005 the Stadthaus ‘Hereford Haus’in Dillenburg was inaugurated. It is the town’s new administrative building which was named in order to honour the English twin town. Five local companies had contributed to the construction of the enormous sign.







Cllr Bob Preece, the then Mayor of
Hereford, Cllr Marcelle Lloyd-Hayes,
 and Dillenburg’s Bürgermeister Lotz

In May 2006 a delegation from Dillenburg, led by the Mayor of Dillenburg and the Head of Parliament in Dillenburg, were invited to  join the Mayor of Hereford for the ceremony of Mayor Making and for the evening dinner in the Town Hall. 

Later that month members of the Twinning Association took part in Dillenburg’s annual International Jazz Festival and attended the Mayor’s rousing reception in the Town Hall.



 The Herforder-Dixieland-Friends playing at the Mayor’s reception in the Town Hall


It was Hereford’s band Schmoove who opened the Jazz Festival with a range of ballads and ‘old’ Rhythm’n Blues—a very atmospheric performance which set the tone for the many enjoyable musical events which took place all over the town.


 Schmoove at the opening concert, with vocalist Stephanie Best 

In October 2006 the 2Faced Dance Company, the Courtyard-based contemporary breakdance company, travelled from Hereford to Dillenburg to perform at the Sports Gala, an important annual event throughout Germany where many performers get together to demonstrate what they have accomplished throughout the year.  

At the end of October 2006 the Mayor and Mayoress and a delegation from Hereford visited Dillenburg, at the express invitation of the Mayor of Dillenburg who wishes to broaden the twinning links between the two towns and who received them as his guests. They attended the premier of the musical Colour of love, a joint project of the Wilhelm-von-Oranien-School and the town of Dillenburg. It deals with both the beauty and the culture of South Africa.  

In June 2007 the partners from the Deutsch-Englische Gesellschaftin Dillenburg will again visit Hereford. 

Dillenburg has partnership links with: Breda in the Netherlands, Diest in Belgium and Orange in France.