Hereford City Heritage

The Mayor’s Chain

Under the Honorary Freeedom of Boroughs Act,1885 and Section 259 of the Local Government Act,1933 now section 249 of the Local Government Act 1972

Honorary Freemen since 1927

Charles Witts JP

October 1927

Edward Lamb Wallis JP

October 1927

John Masefield, D.Litt., Litt.D., L.L.D.

October 1930

Sir John Stanhope Arkwright, Kt.M.A.,D.L.,J.P.,Barrister at Law

September 1934

Rosamond Emma Marillier

November 1935

George Bance Greenland, J.P.

April 1937

Edward William Maples, O.B.E.,M.A.,LL.d.,D.L.,J.P.

April 1948

Janet Ainslie,O.B.E.,J.P.

February 1964

Albert Edward Farr,J.P.

February 1964

Thomas Winton Grimmer,J.P.

February 1964

Reginald Charles Monkley

July 1964

Charles Garnet Marchant

July 1964

Frederick Charles Morgan,M.A.,F.S.A.,F.L.A.

June 1978

Harry George Culliss,a Solicitor of the Supreme Court

June 1978

Percy George Brierley Powell,M.B.E.

May 1980

Herbert Fitzroy Townsend MacFetridge,D.S.O.,T.D.,M.B.,B.Ch.,B.A.O.,M.A.,D.O.M.S.

June 1980

Herbert John Evans,J.P.

May 1981

William Robert Bernard Griffin,J.P.

January 1983

Fredericj Roy Whitworth Blackler,J.P.,M.I.C.M.

April 1983

William Albert Chadd,J.P.

May 1983

Eunice Ruth Ellson

May 1983

Samuel Leslie Beaumont,M.B.E.,LL.B.

August 1983

Colonel John Nicholas Blashford-Snell,M.B.E.

October 1984

Joan Dorothy Prendergast

July 1985

Edward Ernest Hunt

August 1985