Hereford City Heritage

The Mayor’s Chain

Henry Graves Bull

Harley House, St John’s Street

Doctor Bull was another of Hereford’s great antiquarians; among his circle of friends were Alfred Watkins, Reverend John Venn and Reverend Charles Bulmer. He was a magistrate, physician and writer, and his interests included science, literiture, botony, mycology and medieval history. Like Alfred Watkins, Doctor Bull wrote papers for the Woolhope Club. He was most famous for his work ‘Herefordshire Pomona’ - a study of orchards and cider making, where he was helped by the Reverend Charles Bulmer, who was the father of Percy Bulmer, the founder of Bulmer Cider Company. Doctor Bull was a charitable man, practising free medicine, and was an honorary member of the Herefordshire Friendly Society.