Hereford City Heritage

The Mayor’s Chain

Welocome to a site that celebrates the heritage of the Ancient and Royal City of Hereford.

Please enjoy this site, which attempts to show visitors some of the fascinating facts and histories associated with our lovely City.

This site will contain some of the facts shown on the heritage site of Hereford City Council (www.hereford.gov.uk) but will not show you what is currently happening in the City or with the Hereford City Council; You will need to access - www.herefordcitycouncil.gov.uk  - which will give current information, including Agendas and Minutes of the City Council’s meetings; It will provide details of the current activities of the Mayoralty and the Council. .



There are many pages contained within this site and the visitor may find that it is easier to access them through the Site map page.